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Essential preliminary views of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples in the moat journey to conquer the Kingdom of Cambodia
Date: 12/12/2014

You've heard a lot about Cambodia, but no one was arriving there

You know Angkor Wat is renowned cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Cambodia, but all over the newspapers and Internet

You've heard a lot about Cambodia but are through books and the Internet, and no one was discovered. Books, pictures and lots of praise and is considered one attractive destination for many tourists around the world.

Is one company that specializes in organizing tours of Cambodia, the climax of the art and architecture of ancient Khmer.

When you arrive in Angkor Wat, the first thing we saw was the temple is surrounded by a moat and a wall rectangular, height 1.5 km long east-west, north-south dimension 1,3km long.

Wide moat surrounding Angkor Wat like a protective belt Angkor Wat before the invasion of the woods, 1500m long and 190m wide. Around the ladder also has to be able to step down from above the water surface. Days before the moat with crocodiles to protect Angkor, until now, the only remaining small creatures living in the water. Front boasts two road barrier, a line at the door at the east and a west door. Pass the west door is the path between two rows of stone balustrade giant snake Naga leading to the main gate length 230M. After the main gate, the shape of the temple was outstanding record in the door frame, fits like a great painting skill. From here, prelude of great artistic symphony begins.

Main power Angkor Wat, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor of Angkor Wat as shown originality and sophistication of the art and architecture of ancient Khmer. We will work with you to explore the uniqueness that each image through specific visitors can win the trust of what the travel itinerary we want to give you!

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