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On top of paradise
Date: 11/12/2014

Although known Angkor in Cambodia a lot of movies, but when you come here every photo we could not surprised by the magnificent, perfect, harmony and richness of architecture here. But the most impressive to me is the little things mentioned.

The guides are published Vietnam

Refer to the previous Angkor Cambodia trip (organized by MIC), someone said to me, if only for the middle-tier tour guide what you can remember about the cultural heritage of this world is only one mess towers (though very impressive) and vague things about the date, the size of it and the name is difficult to pronounce the king built the wonders of this. But knowing she guides published once a Vietnam soldier, find interesting, I propose So Kim tells the love story in the smoke of her parents. Kim So glad to tell this story. Her father is a Vietnam troops to liberate the people of Cambodia to avoid disaster genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. British troops Phuc Tran Anh lightning love with a beautiful girl in Siem Reap. He lied to his parents Saigon is going to play, and then from his hometown Nam Dinh straight tone circuit to a lover. Now they have three children together and Kim So is her eldest daughter, age 30. So Kim said her father had forgotten a lot of Vietnamese. Therefore Compared to Vietnam Kim have to learn; the time to talk with his father, they also exchanged her native language.

Standing on the ancient stone bridge at Angkor Wat, small stature but Kim So definitely bracelet looks very wide with a proud 12 this big tower built into a unified population (currently 7 tower has lost the top war Pol Pot), with a total area of 200 hectares and it is surrounded by a river. Then I wonder, with such a large area, they will dig the river how to water can flow throughout the year? So Kim said, had assumed the population is said to be built acres of the lake, called the river which is essentially the rest of the lake. Too great and perfect. Both rivers surrounding the two populations and Angkor Thom Angkor Wat are from a lake that I can not remember the name, just know that it is very large, there is abundance of water in exchange for year-round water flow both rivers surrounding the two populations. To protect its ancient capital, the ancient kings were meticulously calculated when designing the rivers surrounding it. But look at the structure of the tower, I see it is not the ramparts of kings to be able to beat back the forces that oppose purely a place of worship of the gods. Yet, in 2012, thanks to a laser device remote sensing of the National Academy of Sciences in the US have discovered a greater city located underground, so they made assumptions: real Angkor Complex merely an iconic city, is planned carefully constructed to cover a much larger city lies beneath? And right sides of the river rolling forest. Thus, although the total area of the tower at Angkor Wat is great but only a small number compared to the surrounding forest area, bringing the total area of the populations up to 200 ha.

When not keep in contact with the mysterious stone towers here, I was overwhelmed, mesmerized by the endless forests, beautiful wide roadside when stepping on the large rock disproportion due to ancient times to the main gate of Angkor Wat. Before the woods and putting green are spread under sunlight creating beauty really fascinating, in that sometimes there are shady trees and peaceful harmony with the ancient architecture. And standing on the floor of the Paradise Angkor Wat see clearly around this large forest to the public. I have tried my best, but my vision, sunny midday still see the forest and forest paths and 4-door 4 of Angkor. Retrospect, in themselves, do not say anything to the municipality, but even if not at the core national forests were cut down mercilessly find it ... painfully.

And I go to heaven

Particularly strong impression with me at Angkor Wat is not only great, but it is, at first purpose-built as Visnu worship of Hinduism (religion Brahmin), and later, when the monarchy Buddhist Khmer, Angkor Wat temple priest became Buddha. I'm not clear on this vast world where there is the statue represents simultaneously the two different religions in the sanctuary like this, I just know watching, revolves around the statue was "copper "of two different faiths, because I can feel it more depth and culture

From earth floor at Angkor Wat - which was very high compared to the picturesque lawns smooth bottom - we climbed the wooden stairs to upstairs Paradise. At the climb I was astonished at how people in the other stairs are down stairs by step backwards, while the scale is nearly vertical. But it's time to step down ... then I understood. Looking down from Heaven, in its towering height, scale, it also made me play with creepy. I myself did not dare to look straight down to cover the eyes with each book and just look for the stairs slowly. But at up to Heaven floor, I can not imagine that this over-reaching way. If the earth floor, only 4 story building independent lake to the king and the royal "eraser cap" before the sacrifices made us see the greatness of this floor, but up to heaven, and I still see it yourself imagine much broader. Broad to the many people in our group were separated, and here, I can admire panoramic view from every direction. The more I watch the more I feel the wonders of it and wander think, why the XII century, although a powerful kingdom at the time, but sure economic, technical, but they are very limited can build masterpieces not only cater to every detail in each building stone tower, but also to such massive.

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