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Her beauty Lakshmi under Angkor period
Date: 11/12/2014

In the journey to South temples, each time going through the temple, the ancient capital of the thousand year old beauty goddess image Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu - a supreme deity in Hinduism - has become a gripping story I entered journey to discover her beauty Lakshmi through the sculpture features a total of 1,800 scattered under the Angkorian temples.

With a brilliant civilization of Angkor, how much of the wall sculpture depicting legends from the epic Mahabharata, Ramayana story to the echo from the past thousands of years under the reign ruled a mighty empire . In all her sculpture, her image Lakshmi rarely appear, and to be face to face her face I was traveling on a long journey to go through the temple was still in his embrace these mysteries answer to the posterity.

Lakshmi - she is?

The answer lies in the array that sculpture on the east wall of Angkor Wat - the symbol of architecture in all the temples of Angkor period - reflected in the epic Ramayana excerpt describes that goddess Lakshmi born in the sea area of the milk stirring find elixir of the gods and demons. In ancient times, the gods celebrating and Taoist earthly invited to attend, Magi bring gifts to the gods, gods gift to open ridicule they see no value. The hermit left angry curse: whether the gods but also allowed to live and die like mortals. The god Vishnu panic come, Vishnu said with a kind of elixir of life in the ocean of milk, stir dry if'll find the elixir of life.

The gods join together using the same species devil snake Naga and Mount Meru in the Himalayas to the sea anchor stirring milk in the year 1000, when the ocean of milk is low, sinking Mount Meru, Vishnu transformed into turtles up against the mountain. Milk Sea dried up, beauty goddess Lakshmi emerged first, Vishnu immediately recognized her as his wife. Then came the mascot as Hamsa goose god, god Nandin cow, bird Garuda, the first three elephant Ganesha, Apsara fairies ... and in turn emerged from the ocean of milk. Then there is a devil incarnate deity is a god REHU wind, waiting for the opportunity when other gods are watching Apsara, immediately grabbed the bottle secretly drink elixir, a new spirit flowing water droplets to the demon's throat, Vishnu discovered and taken off the first round launcher fire demon. Therefore, the devil only has immortality head only, so the wind god REHU face on the array sculpture at Angkor period looks very grim, but was immortality. When the gods Vishnu and distributing drinking water god, since it has the power, and become immortal, so new enough to destroy all the evil species.

Lakshmi in Angkor architecture

Angkor period of 12 buildings noticeable, may be mentioned Preykuk Sambo, (Pray Khmeng architecture, architecture Kleng,) then Bakheng architecture, architecture Angkor Wat Phou architecture - with the temple as Wat Phou, Preah Vihear. Architecture Bayon, including Bayon, Tah Prom, Preak Khan, Banteay Chmar. Banteay Srey Architecture - Banteay Srey temple ... a total of 12 works that, her image Lakshmi emerged from the first architecture, where the onset of the cradle of the Angkor empire - Sambo temple Preykuk I was Isanavarman reign (615-635) built in Kompong Thom.

According to history books, the Kompong Thom province has 177 temples, and now only found 140 temples. Particularly in complex has 54 temples Sambo Preykuk divided into four groups, large and small temple, situated in an area of 30km2. Being in the dry season, the temple looming jungle canopy architecture with brick without adhesive familiar. As to the phrase Yeai Poeun temple in the south of Sambo Preykuk, I suddenly realized that her image of Lakshmi engraved on the bricks. She stood there, though much time has worn away and the beauty of her face, leaving little vague images, but it is a testament to the beauty of her Lakshmi has reigned in the house Castle of Angkor empire from the very beginning.

Angkor thousand mile journey took me back to the Preah Vihear temple, which borders Thailand and Cambodia. Don Rek mountain top, where the sacred temple of Preah Vihear and reputation is located, the architecture of this temple was chosen to copy a lot of the later architecture of Angkor period as long corridor of Angkor Wat, or the tip of the curved roof shown images of snakes Banteay Srey temple Naga ... And on an array of sculpture at the entrance to the temple, I saw her shadow Lakshmi standing in the sea of milk stirring stories find elixir is touch on the green sandstone, with the curve flourish, showing a logo for the beauty of the woman during the Angkor period.

Back to Siem Reap, Banteay Srey temple arrival - sculpture prominent symbol of Angkor period. The temple has a lot of images of female fairies symbolize beauty coy woman Cambodia Angkor period carved a subtle, harmonious on the red sandstone - a material that is rare in set the temples of Angkor period. But there's a beauty is worshiped in a higher position, which is the image of her on an array Lakshmi exquisite decoration, lively. Sculpture depicting two legendary elephant god - also emerged from the ocean of milk in the milk ocean mixing area to find elixir - being bathed her body Lakshmi eve of the god Vishnu.

Lakshmi Temple

In total 1,800 temples of Angkor period, her shadow when Lakshmi as a mysterious beauty of the temple, as charismatic as being from the Ramayana came out with posterity. And there is something special, in that a total of 1,800 temples, only a temple built to honor carries purposes beauty goddess Lakshmi, the temple was called Krovan, located in the east of pants to Angkor Wat, built in the late 10th century.

The overall architecture of the temple is built of brick material, although rudimentary simple but is still a big question mark for the posterity, do not understand why the building blocks that could be solid, timeless row century. However, it is easy to recognize Krovan temple is in the construction phase and not yet complete, by the temples at Angkor period when completed must be walled, but Krovan the wall and there is no more decorations for the house was not completed.

The most prominent feature of the temple is the worship space plaque sculpture goddess Lakshmi beauty with curves flourish, the definition of body fluid, sculptural shapes and fairies Apsara female servant looks more exalted beautiful goddess Lakshmi in the Hindu Ramayana. And it can be said that, during her journey in search of Lakshmi through the Angkorian temples, idols in the temple Krovan she Lakshmi - a rare temple worship the goddess of beauty - so far is the sculptures of the goddess of beauty in a subtle way most perfect that I had the opportunity to experience and explore.

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