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Explore the country temple tower
Date: 11/12/2014

- That's the name of a tour to Cambodia-country Thap pagoda in Southeast Asia. Here, visitors will have the exciting experience with the wonders of Angkor grand, glamorous than 900 years old in the city Seam Reap (Seam Reap province) and the magnificent palace than 500 years old in Phnom Penh carry typical architecture of the Theravada Buddhist culture, just close, just mysterious ...

After 1 hour 20 minutes to take off in Da Nang International Airport, 27-8 evening flight VN825 number of Vietnam Airlines brought us to the country of Cambodia (CPC) was called home -quoc name the country temples. Under the wings, the country with the CPC stretches of wetlands, magnifying soup trees, many wilderness areas do not seem to indicate the presence of humans. Seam Reap international airport is being upgraded to expand. While the new operation for a short time but the airport has 18 gates scale procedures for passengers on the tarmac vast plane with dozens of airlines around the world.
In Seam Reap International Airport.

At the office, immigration procedures, our team has been guided (HDV) to help make declarations since the plane should be controlled through the front door. This time only one flight to Seam Reap to the door control pretty empty. When we arrived, out of habit, the group lined up along get in, a customs officer to guide the delegation split into 6-7 groups, divided among each group of 2-3 people to go to the procedures in all door control. It was my turn, after the entry stamp on the passport, the customs officer tapped on the table, where for some banknote denominations of $ 5 and motioned for money ... coffee drinkers. I give this 20,000 Vietnam, he does not seem happy, but then reluctantly handed the passport back to me to turn to others.

Once completed entry procedures, enter the union, people tell each other new things are applying for public control in the door. Many people from 20,000 to 50,000, or 1 USD to 2 USD, but also people who do not know, a great amount of money required to close the airport so they signaled how much they put this much, when 100,000 .. . Then everyone will understand why here again divided into several passenger door would be to have all the control staff are money ... drinking coffee. She said HDV control staff here very earnestly to know our customers according to their Vietnam for Vietnam new customers only sop, West hotel is also just follow the procedures that do not have the habit for money more.

HDV for CPC delegation at Kao Sok Yee guy (named Vietnam's Only) 24-year-old Khmer original, born and raised in Seam Reap, very "hotboy" with beautiful faces, dressed young speak the Khmer language, English. Especially Vietnamese, Duy correct pronunciation, quite firmly grasp more information on current events, culture, economy in Vietnam, including the jokes, the proverb, saying simile of the region but honestly admits that can not read and write Vietnamese, all accumulated through which to communicate.

The only sure everyone kept calling him "Duy Prince" for intimacy. On the way from the airport to the hotel, Duy enlist introduce our lands upcoming Seam Reap City, Seam Reap province. Duy said, in CPC, except Phnom Penh, all the other cities are provincial cities. Siem Ream tourists year-round, daily average of 5,000 visitors and this season is peak tourist Vietnam. Thanks to tourism, Seam Reap people who have jobs so that security and order situation here Duy sure can ensure the safety of over 90%, no theft, robbery because nobody wants to lose power his own life.

They are also very conscious of hygiene environment, landscape, embellished by beautiful ancient capital planted many trees, no litter, waste on the road. Especially in Seam Reap as Duy says it has more than 1,000 restaurants, hotels, but none made more than 4 stories high, not people do not have the economic ability as the tallest tower in the ancient Angkor 165 meters, if the door is raised, Angkor Wat had no meaning anymore ...
In Seam Reap, is the most common means of tuk tuk.

Exciting and attracts many tourists especially Seam Reap Night Market. Market is separate from the main street by a canal, wants to market must go through a covered wooden bridge, designed quite romantic with dim lighting range. Hundreds of market stalls selling souvenirs primarily with enough material, most clothing, towels, hats, ornaments made from worshiping aluminum, copper, iron, wood and items such as gifts : keychains, nail, spoon, fork ... all with logo Angkor Wat.

The market traded in exchange primarily in US dollars, but if guests wish to purchase in cash ria (money CPC) or Vietnam, the sales amount can be converted quickly. Sales mostly Khmer, but many people can understand and speak Vietnamese many short sentences. They also said challenge, guests pay less than the price they paid extra begged, do not buy it alone but by no glaring Nguyet, cursing. Night at Seam Reap has many services for tourists, but as the absolute Duy said no sex, no casino. Previously, the point where the dense snacks but about 7 years ago, the Government has made CPC resolute measures to build Seam Reap an ancient cultural city and the people are in agreement.

Explain why the flame night power lines, power in the restaurant, hotel, in people's homes often blurred, not brilliant as elsewhere, Duy said here people always recommended to weather energy for Seam Reap to buy electricity in Thailand (Thai only 150 km) with a very high price, within a whisker 1kWh power 1,000 (5,500 co-VN), while electricity prices suburbs ria 2,000 / kWh so people suburban very limited use of electricity, which was lit with oil or batteries used by the majority of the poor and middle income less than 1 USD / person / day, while local people a higher income than average, about 90 USD / person / month.

The only told us that the first arrival is to take one name card miss you go astray, then just give tuk tuk driver, they will ship it to arrive, because the language barrier here, electricity carry voice communications are not so sure that's the only way to eat the most. In Seam Reap, is the most common means of tuk tuk. With prices from 2 to $ 4 USD / ride, the level can be acceptable to walk around sightseeing in the city or to visit the famous temples of Angkor Wat.

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