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Where there is little smile
Date: 11/12/2014

In the way of adventures Cambodia, when reviewing thousands of photographs of the children caught in the streets, in the tourist spots, absolutely not taken smile on any child's face.

In the famous tourist sites such as Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh's Royal Palace and a retail market of Kampong Cham sells roasted insects do not see how anyone smile. The door opened, the children were rushed to, who to this end, we have touched even the face of stress, anxiety kids sale, delivery cherry.

Both child specialist punches back at the Great Lake also proved very stressful when it touches the customer hands. It scared the hands refuse to drive. It seems too heavy a living in this country has extinguished all smiles!

In Siem Reap Night Market, which is the most attractive wooden statues depicting the face with a mysterious smile of the gods at Bayon temple. On peak solemn temples, the gods are laughing, they are not born then!

I thought so when wandered around the Angkor Wat area in search of a rare smile, and only get a smile from his unique tourist police stood only way for visitors lost in the temple immense.

Guests watch the gods had Lokesvara, aka god Avalokitesvara, with four faces symbolize the spirit of observation of four of the country. The statue with a mysterious smile almost a thousand years in Cambodia too many ups and downs.
It seems that all travelers are feeling the stress and infinite patience of the child. They help them buy their own photos were taken in a hurry, then paste it onto a dish or cheap plastic. Then they take pictures for kids, but it makes them uncomfortable and did not cooperate.

Between the great religious architectural wonders such as Angkor Wat and the heavy burden of living children, one thing is very sad, because the poor will reach the children first, anything is easy to do them harm injury, as baby just sell us the item has swung away, eyes hardened as someone holding the camera.

We told each other not only take them anymore. Suddenly remembered in Hoi An also sell children flower lights inside the Huaihe River bridge lucky guests. I miss their shrill laugh, remembering the way the girls dancing in robe, swinging neck guests to let them see the tiny lights affixed their mother has done.

Whether laughter with happy faces, but suddenly I felt fine Hoi An will not allow the sale of children across the Huai River Bridge. Despite the fact that we only go to help parents, they are still in school, but perhaps the taste of living will eventually seep into, and we will face tinged with sadness. Then visitors to Hoi An will see the baby's face quickly change that.

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