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Siem Reap no longer my little faces of yore
Date: 11/12/2014

Siem Reap, the tourist paradise of the temple was chopped to pieces in the gentle eyes of the Khmer.

'If you like to go, then shut up. Otherwise, grab bags and get the hell out of the car! ', A guy who wears jeans Khmer dark blue color, hair style Gypsy Hui told a blonde white guy was asking why buses depart too late. The first time I went to Siem Reap (Cambodia) in 2011, has not yet seen the Khmer said such vulgar words in the face of tourists.

Velvet in temporary

I went back to hostel for backpackers of Garden Village People, a guy driving a tuk tuk stand up near the port. He was constantly followed ask: "Do you want to go to Angkor not?" "You do not need tuk tuk?", "You do not want to go to dinner?". After 3 answers, "No, thank you!" My, he immediately lifted his voice: "No, no, do not you just say the only not you?".

Right outside the gate leading to the Night Market area - mysterious kingdom with my beloved smile was flickering lights evening. Night gala began. The ancient ancestors who built Angkor Wat wonders'm not known outside the city of Siem Reap, their descendants are the days velvet precarious than ever. Road restaurant and cafe 1 year ago 1 now has a new name: Pub Street.

Drink. Angkor beer everywhere. Be sure to drink to have life, dancing ends and exhaust gas in the bar playboy bust xinh music, with the name "Angkor What?" Parody of the names of their fathers temple. You can find beer, wine or whatever, 5 times cheaper in Thailand and play regardless of the night light. The slogan invites alcohol is everywhere, hanging up as the motto for the bar in the Pub Street.

And in that street, crowds of children 1 years ago could only stand shyly ask for money for the hungry and poor, or ask me to bring bread bags, now say: "She reached here, I wore for , free, free "and inserting West wrist girls at a young age bracelets woven wire lies tent. Even then, the crowd gathered "bullying" zany guests and ask for it each child a new bill let go away.

When I say "No!", Daughter tie with eyes looking at me with hate, and mumbled away with saying things pals brutal Khmer thrown in my face.

I remember in 2007, when I walk in Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh, I feel sorry for those who feel the bum too gentle, not grazing his mallet, no begging, just sitting next to the road and receive the coin we give, willing to help directions. Now, in Cambodia have children become hungry ghosts know before applying for a bite piece of bread for his hungry.

In the Old Market bazaar small, quiet hours have 3-4 more newly expanded area, for massage loungers queues (photo above). As long as more than a dozen foreigners shorts, shirt spend three holes located on the seat frame. It was about the Khmer face dark gray, hard plug the patron seated massage. On stage, her dancers to dance beautiful face is a confession of two excerpts of beautiful note.

Khmer Music, Khmer dances are invested carefully. She cared dancer footsteps and lotus hands. Below, the masseuse was violently fluorescent foot massage, shoulder massage, head massage bed for guests are dim. The dance does not know what to do. Two beautiful notes of communication between the species on earth is full of pleasure on the red last stage of Angkor beer.

Cambodia is a country I love most, during the 3 years of traveling around. I loved the police who protect Angkor Wat was running in the rain, I took the bike to the station on his watch, buy crickets for me to eat and take me around the city of Siem Reap.

I love you Robin tuk tuk driver take me to post, fourth trip to make more money ... not get used to it because .... I loved the hostel Garden Village of dust they travel, they always run out asked me: "She was here two times already, right?". And he tuk tuk driver drunk or recounting stories of tourists in Siem Reap for me.

This country has given me to see the Buddha's smile on the faces of Bayon, did the first day away from my house to be kind, gentle and simple.

But this time tourist paradise of the temple was chopped to pieces in the gentle eyes of the Khmer.

"I have the impression, both the city and these guys live, as a makeshift serve the wonders of Angkor Wat it!" My friend said. I like a man suddenly lost between Siem Reap, and wondered about or dream that I dream about this place.

Is this the shops, the restaurants there, including 5 star hotels like the rushing silk domes appeared a handful of sand from the ashes like in fairy tales, by the hands of a certain witch. And so we just temporary, flickering, like xinh bust ever?

Hordes of tourists rushing to the car off the horse, rushed to the bar, caught a Khmer girl gaudy makeup, overnight a bit for fun and catch a bus to a paradise Cheap others.

British West panting boys climb the stairs to the temple of Angkor Wat and take off shirt, shorts naked, guzzled water bottles, before the sacred shrine that many Khmer back plate knelt down reverently.

Paradise. Paradise.

On the road to Angkor Wat, still Kantha Bopha hospitals the V with the words "Please donate blood, children with hemorrhagic shock due to blood" with green trees and the royal palace.

He cavalier king in palaces temples. The spirit of the kings from the Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom with gentle smile of the Buddha never doubt whether there is today, when people are making money by palaces, tombs and monuments of them?

Siem Reap my face was no longer a little of the old days anymore ...

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